The 5 Newest Shadow Labs Startups – 2021 Q3

The companies in our incubator range from idea stage through Series A, and all of them are tackling hard problems in construction and real estate tech with unique solutions. Today, our community is 60+ startups strong across more than 25 cities, 6 countries, and 3 continents. Our global advisory network helps our portfolio of startups build and scale their business by providing worldwide access […]

Shadow Summit 2020 (Playlist)

Innovation to Save the Planet The planet is dying, and we are the reason why. If left unchecked, the current pace of nature’s decline will have grave implications for the human race. We stand to face increasing natural disasters, loss of biodiversity, and threats to public health. Waste is the largest contributing factor to this problem, and the built environment […]

Do we really need another accelerator?

Yes. Because we need one that actually aligns entrepreneurs, investors, and customers to create success. Key problems that I observed. Too many classes, not enough learning. Zero classes. Too much coaching, not enough doing. Let’s go build. Demo days are dumb, 1:1 Customer pitches are better. Let’s go sell. Alienate great startups with canned financial terms, negotiate terms on a […]

Shadow Ventures Partners with Startups and Industry Leaders to Make Venture Capital and Angel Investing Accessible to All

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Shadow Ventures spearheads alternative investments and lowers barriers to entry. Atlanta, GA – September 28, 2020 – Shadow Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on investing in seed-stage technology companies disrupting the built industry, is excited to announce the launch of their accelerator program – one of the first in North America to be crowdfunded. The first […]

Startup Showcase: Kreo Modular (Video)

While BIM technology has tremendous potential to transform the AEC industry, it has failed to deliver on its promise of improving productivity and reducing the risks associated with building projects. Designers and engineers still use virtual BIM objects that lack connections to the supply chain, resulting in delays during the construction phase and wasted materials. The solution: offsite manufacturing. This […]

Startup Showcase: Local Logic (Video)

Residential and multifamily developers/investors: this startup showcase is for you. Local Logic is a real estate AI company that matches people to places. We use geo-spatial and user-generated data to quantify lifestyle and location qualities for any address in the US and Canada. Our products are built on a data network and help make real estate decisions at an individual […]

Startup Showcase: Module (Video)

A construction labor shortage, a housing supply shortage, and an affordability crisis make housing development increasingly difficult. Developers and contractors are struggling to bring new housing online fast enough to keep pace with new residents while also trying to keep development costs down. Module’s turnkey platform streamlines the housing development process. The result is a higher quality housing product, faster […]

ESG Messaging Strategies for Sustainability Professionals (Video)

ESG criteria are an indicator of the social responsibility of a company. How a corporation responds to climate change; how they treat their workers, shareholders, and the surrounding community; how they manage money: all these factors come into play. Socially conscious investors can use this knowledge to help them decide where they’d like to invest. And they have been; according […]

Searching For The One – LMRE provides a how-to guide on Recruitment (Video)

Your startup is growing quickly–how do you know if and when you should bring in a recruitment agency to help? When it is the right time, how can you find the right agency for you? Join Xan Winterton of LMRE as he runs through best practices for working with a recruitment agency. Xan Winterton heads up LMRE’s practice in North […]

Why COVID is Accelerating M&A Activity (and How to Get a Deal Done) [Video]

Despite the overall pause in venture capital funding in proptech companies in the COVID market environment, alternative transactional activity continues to flow in the industry. Join our founder KP Reddy along with Goodwin partners Scott Chase, Blake Liggio and Mitzi Chang for a fireside chat. They’ll discuss trends in strategic deal structuring, including sale transactions, minority buyouts, joint ventures, debt […]

Startup Showcase: A Design + Consulting (Video)

AEC professionals/investors: you don’t want to miss this startup showcase. A Design + Consulting, AD+C, are the creators of FastPlan, a healthcare facility sizing tool. The tool uses epidemiology, evidence-based medicine and best practices to develop solutions quickly, that the user can discern which one best meets their needs. The power of computation allows the user to create a virtually […]

How to Incubate Real Estate Technology (Video)

Jamestown, a design-focused real estate investment and management company with a 35+ year track record has found their success by transforming spaces into innovation hubs and community centers across the globe. Join Fund Manager, John Wilson and Vice President of Tech Strategy, Ginny Miller as they discuss how having a community-centered approach to their business has led to the launch […]

Making Marketing Human Again (Video)

Connecting with your customer base can be difficult. How do you build relationships while maintaining the professionalism needed to keep your business in good standing? Join Nirjary M. Desai, Owner & CEO of KIS Events for a webinar. She’ll discuss how you can make meaningful, human connections using virtual channels to better connect with your customer base. It’s a lot […]

Indoor Environmental Control Post-COVID (Video)

COVID-19 sent the masses back to the comfort of their homes to keep the daily grind going. As time goes on, eventually we’ll find ourselves back in cubicles, co-working spaces and offices just like the good old days. If you’re a building owner/developer, you must ask yourself: What can I do to keep any potential spread/contamination from happening right now? […]

A Letter From our Founder: Shadow Summit 2020

The planet is dying, and we are the reason why. If left unchecked, the current pace of nature’s decline will have grave implications for the human race. We stand to face increasing natural disasters, loss of biodiversity, and threats to public health. Waste is the largest contributing factor to this problem. And the built environment is one of the top […]

Startup Showcase: B-Line

The key to avoiding the outbreak of an infectious disease in a workplace is to break the chain of transmission. B-Line helps building owners prevent the spread of infectious disease in the workplace by collecting highly accurate location data that identifies possible chains of transmission. B-Line’s data enables building owners to assess the risk of their portfolio and make data-driven […]

Fireside Chat: The Intersections of Innovation, Government, and Community (Video)

Join Rohit Malhotra, Founder and Executive Director at the Center for Civic Innovation, and KP Reddy, Founder and CEO of Shadow Ventures, for a fireside chat. They’ll be discussing innovation, government, community, startups, and how all of those intersect. If you’re a startup or professional navigating this area, this is a conversation you don’t want to miss. Fireside Chat: The […]

Technically Speaking: A Series for Non-Technical Investors, ep. 2 (Video)

You know you want to invest in transformative technology—but once you find a promising startup, do you know how to diligence them? Matt Ohlman, CTO of Shadow Ventures, is here to help. This series will give investors a foundation upon which they can evaluate technology startups for investment. In this second episode, we’ll examine what it takes for a CTO […]