Why SX? #sxsw2016

This has been year 2 of me giving a talk at SXSW. It is an eclectic and overwhelming event that is very different than most business events. Oops, I called it a business event. I was there for 4 days, and yes I had a lot of fun, but also did a lot of business. 4 days is a big commitment of time for an event that is not necessarily a typical business conference.Top 5 Reasons to go-1. It is a global audience. Having conversations with prospects that have flown in from all of the world is highly efficient.2. Corporate Wonks are in attendance. But it's typically the ones that are seeking a different point of view and are open to new ideas. They are different animals in the wild then they are in captivity in their cube farms.3. You may learn something. The sessions are hit or miss, but I always learn something new from the people I meet in the sessions.4. Seeking justification. A lot of people had to convince their boss to let them go. They have to go back with tangible projects that they sourced. You can end up being the project that justified their company boondoggle.5. The people... Everyone is in a great mood and very open. I had some amazing conversations that made me rethink company culture and my mission.Top 5 Reasons Not to Go.1. Swag... It's all over and a waste of a checked bag.2. The Parties... Maybe if I was 25. Sometimes you get to get on stage with Ludacris, but other than that...3. The Sessions.. Hit or miss.4. Money.. It's not cheap and there are only so many parties with good food.5. Your health... I'm tired, very tired. Juice fasting the next 5 days. The many ways in which technology has changed the approach AEC professionals can take to a given task

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