Shadow Summit 2020 (Playlist)

Shadow Summit 2020

Innovation to Save the Planet

The planet is dying, and we are the reason why. If left unchecked, the current pace of nature’s decline will have grave implications for the human race. We stand to face increasing natural disasters, loss of biodiversity, and threats to public health. Waste is the largest contributing factor to this problem, and the built environment is one of the top producers of waste in the world — period. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If we work together for individual and systemic change, we can save the planet and ourselves. And make our companies wildly successful in the meantime.

That’s what led us to start Shadow Summit 4 years ago. We wanted to bring together the leaders, technologies, and conversations driving innovation in the built environment. Investors, architects, engineers, contractors, building owners and operators, and startup founders — we’re looking at you.

Over two days, we brought in high-caliber speakers from around the world to arm you with the knowledge needed to plan the next five years of your business or career.

More About Summit

Do you know what the future of the built environment holds? You can!

Shadow Summit brings together the most technologically advanced commercial real estate companies, architects, engineers, and contractors to share their lessons on how to innovate in AEC + CRE. Get a reality check on what works and what doesn't in technology across the entire building life cycle. 


  • Hear about the hottest technologies across the entire building life cycle
  • Get insight onhand-selected tech startups in the Startup Alley
  • Network with like-minded leaders in your field
  • Leave with a new understanding of how to implement strategically-aligned technologies 


  • Proptech firms, real estate startups
  • Structural and civil engineers
  • Project delivery specialists
  • Construction leaders
  • Property owners and managers
  • Developers
  • Project managers 
  • Proptech investors
  • Early-stage tech companies serving AEC/CRE
  • Built environment academics

Summit strives to give you enough information to fuel your innovation strategy for the next five years. Learn what's driving resident retention in multifamily, how Big Data is fueling the rise of smart cities, the future of cloud-based design and architecture, and more.

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