Cerulean Labs (Spaces) Announces Seed Investment

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Cerulean Labs is excited to announce its Series Seed round led by Shadow Ventures. In conjunction with the raise, Cerulean Labs has established Cerulean Labs U.S., Inc. as its global headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

"It's been a long process to get to this point, but I am thrilled to have Shadow Ventures lead our Series Seed round," says Campbell Yule, founder of Cerulean Labs. "For a startup like Cerulean Labs, it was essential to find an investor who understands our market. I have been impressed from day one by the entire Shadow Ventures team and I'm excited about partnering with them in 2023."

The funding - from Shadow Ventures and a handful of co-investors - will allow Cerulean Labs to continue developing and commercializing Spaces, the company’s iPad-based conceptual design tool for architects."We believe Spaces is the first company focused on developing a truly intuitive product specifically for designers," says KP Reddy, Founder and Managing Partner at Shadow Ventures, and author of "BIM for Building Owners and Developers." "Current BIM products have not delivered on digital transformation and have, in many cases, set the entire industry behind. Spaces will accelerate the entire industry forward led by the most experienced designers, not just digital natives."

Having focused primarily on product development for the last two years, Yule says he is looking forward to the next phase of business as they build the business model and customer base.

Incorporating and moving the headquarters to the U.S. provides a solid foundation for the business as it moves into the next phase of growth. "Cerulean Labs is comprised of a global team," says Yule, "and having our headquarters in the U.S. will strengthen our position and open up a number of exciting opportunities as the business grows."

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