What Big Tech has Wrong About Contact Tracing

We’re in the midst of many unknowns, seeking information and answers from all possible sources. Governments are working to gradually reopen on a local, state-wide, and national basis, but they’re trying to understand how to do so safely. Contact tracing has come to the forefront of these discussions.the new opportunities and challenges created by COVID-19, it’s helpful to look at the options that were available, but unused, prior to the pandemic. This report explores those solutions.

This whitepaper seeks to share our knowledge of the construction/manufacturing industry and challenge the mainstream solutions for contact tracing, including location tracking through mobile devices.

This paper was produced by Shadow Ventures and sponsored by Ottogee, a Shadow Labs Member and portfolio company. In response to the mission of reopening safely, OTTOGEE Inc., a U.S. based technology company, developed the PACT wristband, a BLE enabled wristband for Proximity Alerts and Contact Tracing. Using patent-pending technology, PACT ensures factory workers, healthcare workers, public safety professionals, essential workers, and others are practicing CDC recommended guidelines, while seamlessly capturing accurate contact tracing data. Download the paper to learn how to order a test kit.

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