Shadow Ventures has an ambitious goal: to institutionalize seed stage investing.

To date, most seed investors rely on Demo Days and Accelerator Cohorts to make "bets" on startups. But we are investors, not gamblers. From our experience, doing the work may not guarantee success — but not doing the work will almost always guarantee failure.

So why doesn’t everyone just "do the work"? Executing diligence on a seed stage startup requires technical capability to validate the solution and the ability to execute primary research in the market to validate the problem. Thus, doing the work becomes arduous, expensive, and time-consuming.

Under a typical management fee structure, it is nearly impossible to execute the appropriate diligence on a $1M investment. Shadow Ventures has pioneered the ability to Source, Diligence, Grow, and Exit seed stage startups by leveraging a community-based approach combined with proprietary technology, transforming the model of a traditional seed firm.

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Shadow Ventures Fund 3

Investment Criteria

Company Types Technology companies with a defensible technology strategy that are disrupting our target industries (we do not invest in marketplaces).
Industries The Built Environment: Architecture / Engineering / Construction (AEC), Commercial Real Estate (CRE), Multifamily Real Estate, Infrastructure, Utilities / Energy, Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution.
Stages Seed (Pre or Early Revenue)
Technologies Software, Hardware, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Material Sciences
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Investment Portfolio

Local Logic
Hummingbird Kinetics