The Time To Build: Why Tech Investors Are Investing In The Built Environment

March 2021

The most exciting venture capital opportunity by sector surrounds you daily.

The built environment is one of the world’s largest asset classes ($40 Trillion in the US) and contributors to growth and GDP (4% of GDP in the US). It’s also the second least digitized sector in the world according to McKinsey. You may know built environment technology by different names: PropTech, ConstructionTech, or ClimateTech. How we define it: technology that is innovating how we develop, design, build, and operate the world’s physical infrastructure.

In this report, we make the case for why family offices should pay close attention to the low hanging opportunity in venture to find undervalued venture opportunities and advance one of the most important industry in the world.

I. The Macro Forces For Investment

  • It’s behind- According to McKinsey, the built world is the 2nd LEAST digitized sector in the world.
  • It’s big - The average annual spend on the built world in the US is $1.4TN, representing 4% of US GDP.
  • It’s wasteful - #1 Contributor to Greenhouse Gases into the environment
  • Limitless Horizontal Application – FinTech, SaaS- Enterprise Software, Big Data, IoT, AI-ML, Robotics

II. Undervalued and Non-consensus

  • Our industry supports solving zero-to-one problems, not marginal improvements on existing stacks. It is early days, with few investors paying close attention which means realistic valuations.

III. What is Built Environment Technology?

IV. Industry Trends and Predictions: Innovation to Save the Planet

  • Why Now?
  • Sector trends in Climate Tech
  • COVID-19’s continued impact
  • Our predictions
  • Climate Tech Landscape

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