The State of Insurance in Construction

Our portfolio company, Billy, just released their white paper on the 2021 state of insurance in construction. In this inaugural report, they provide insight into the construction industry insurance marketplace in 2021-2022.  The data presented in the white paper was gathered from the top insurance carriers and construction companies in the US. Some highlights of the insights in the white paper:
  • COVID-19 has driven insurance premiums even higher than before. The white paper examines COVID-19 related claims and the impact to premiums.
  • 2021 premiums are up year over year across all types of construction insurance. The report examines various construction related insurance products and their change in premiums and coverages (both historical and predicted).
  • How climate change is effecting insurance premiums and claims.
  • A deep dive on cyber security risks and mitigations occurring in the industry.
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