Healthcare Planning at Warp Speed

INNOVATIVE PROPTECH IS THE KEY TO LOWER HEALTHCARE COSTS AND INCREASED CAPACITY The global pandemic has cast a spotlight on some of the most troubling problems in our healthcare system from supply-chain and information sharing to capacity. Lives depended on the speed at which vaccines were developed and distributed to the population and Operation Warp Speed proved that what seemed impossible was achievable. What once took 10-12 years has now been effectively reduced to 1 year. Now, as we emerge from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare industry writ large is finding itself under increasing pressure to lower costs without sacrificing quality, or profitability. The winners will be the operators who invest in innovative PropTech that gets them to this goal. This white paper examines the use of data, collaboration, and generative design in groundbreaking technology that will allow us to plan, design, and build future-ready, efficient healthcare facilities faster than ever before while lowering operational costs and lessening the need for renovation and retrofitting.

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