Disrupt a Broken Industry: The Industrial Construction Sandbox

August 2020

Incremental innovations to the current built environment structure will not advance the industry in a meaningful and impactful way. The existing structure is antiquated and must be disrupted to create the value needed to meet the rapidly changing demands of the industry. Even with the advancement of emerging technology trends like AR/VR, robotics and automation, big data/IoT/connected job sites, blockchain, and BIM, the industry still lags behind more technologically advanced verticals. The built environment still struggles with labor shortages, addressing demand, sustainability needs, cost controls, affordability, and efficiency gains. So what’s missing? We need something beyond incremental change, something that will truly disrupt the industry, increase the value of other innovations, and tackle industry challenges. The answer: industrialized construction technology with off-site manufacturing as the cornerstone. Technology innovation becomes exponentially more valuable when placed in this context. Industrialized construction is the future of the built environment. It possess the capability to transform, the way we construction and fabricate, the way we use digital technologies to design, manage and operate, and increase transparency and knowledge on how we procure and deliver projects. The questions that remain unanswered are when will it happen, who will lead the way, and how will change come? This disruption will be felt by every stakeholder in the industry and every company in the value chain. Preparing now and understanding how this new structure will impact your business is key to being ready.

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