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Breaking News: Venture Capital is broken.

Venture capital is broken. It’s broken because fund managers don’t understand what it takes to succeed. They likely entered VC because it was trendy and they saw big money in tech, but they don’t know how to dig in and execute on the work. Like any business system, venture capital is a supply chain. Connect […]

Just Say NO to Down Rounds

Sometimes, I’ll put good money after bad. Not this time. Recently, I’ve seen some proposed down rounds on some investments I made a couple of years ago. I was offered the “opportunity” in invest more at a lower valuation. Sometimes a down round makes a ton of sense. For one particular investment, I am opting [...]

The Corporate Innovation Lifecycle

Although it’s not named in this article, “corporate innovation” is getting close to being one of those buzzwords used in bingo games at Annual Kickoff Meetings around the globe. Of course every corporation wants to “innovate”, and the title of “Chief Innovation Officer” has become a thing. It sounds great. It looks great on paper. [...]

Thornton Tomasetti Taps The Combine to Commercialize Intrapreneurial Start-up Ventures

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Thornton Tomasetti, the international engineering firm responsible for some of world’s most prominent construction projects, has partnered with The Combine to commercialize technologies under its internal innovation engine, TTWiiN. TTWiiN is a first-of-its-kind technology accelerator established to drive innovation in the Architecture / Engineering / Construction (AEC) industry and beyond. Together with The [...]

WSJ Interview featuring KP Reddy on Robotics

Employees are the family you choose, not the ones you were given.

Not everybody is cut out to be a parent. Not everybody wants to be a parent. Same with management. Sometimes people become managers from a very intentional career path they have crafted over the years. Sometimes someone who never once expressed a desire to manage gets promoted and finds herself leading a team of 15 [...]