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Finding the right coach for your pre-revenue startup.

Last night I was at dinner with a mentor, and we were discussing my goal of writing an article every day. So far, this goal hasn’t been easy, but it also hasn’t been the hardest thing that I’ve done. He asked me a great question: “why?” I told him that my purpose is twofold. First […]

Breaking News: Venture Capital is broken.

Venture capital is broken. It’s broken because fund managers don’t understand what it takes to succeed. They likely entered VC because it was trendy and they saw big money in tech, but they don’t know how to dig in and execute on the work. Like any business system, venture capital is a supply chain. Connect […]

Do the work!

This week I had a great conversation with a friend who does freelancing consulting. She was facing the challenge of hitting her income potential. She’s a one-person operation and has a fixed number of hours that she can work. So say she has 40 hours a week available and, accounting for other non-billable activities, can […]

Startups, Here’s Everything you Need to Get Started with CRM

Welcome to the wonderful world of sales and marketing. If you’re a startup and need a foundational understanding of sales and marketing technology, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to get started with CRM. What in the world is CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Simply put, it’s a database […]

Business Networking #Fails to Avoid

This post by Andrew Ackerman originally appeared on Alley Watch. He graciously updated it to share 5 business networking fails we should all avoid to make networking a little less painful.  I am not all that easily annoyed but not everyone in the startup and investment worlds aren’t as easy going as I am. So […]

Why Solar Tech Alone Just Isn’t Cutting It: An Interview with Extensible Energy

John Powers is the CEO of Extensible Energy and a member of Shadow Venture’s AEC/CRE Lab. We asked him to share more about his company’s work in solar tech, including what role renewable energy will have on the smart grid systems of the future. Read on to learn more.  Where would you place solar on […]

AMA: Growth + Marketing Technology

Shadow Ventures' 'Ask Me Anything' series shares conversations between industry experts and our Labs startups.   Anand Thaker is an advisor focused on marketing technology and growth leadership. He is the CEO of IntelliPhi. Recently he had his fourth successful exit with an IP acquisition of their core Apollo platform to a top management consulting firm. [...]

The 1 Company That Embodies Everything We’re Looking For

A core belief of Shadow Ventures is that world-changing breakthroughs don’t all happen in Silicon Valley.Case in point? Earlier this week, I was in Austin, Texas for a private investor unveiling of ICON’s new 3D printed affordable housing solution. Late last year, Shadow invested (alongside Oakhouse Partners, Vulcan Partners, Emaar, and D.R. Horton) in ICON’s [...]

Startup Specialist Lakshmi Shenoy on Building in Second Tier Markets

Starting a new innovation hub is basically like founding a startup. That’s according to Lakshmi Shenoy who six months ago left her role as VP of strategy and business at 1871, a top-rated tech hub in Chicago. She's now CEO of Embarc Collective, a 30,000-square-foot coworking space set to open in Tampa Bay in March [...]

KP Reddy on The Culture of Innovation: For PMI Atlanta

KP Reddy on The Culture of Innovation For PMI Atlanta February 28, 2018   What does innovation mean to you? The best definition I’ve borrowed is that innovation is about creating abundance where there was once scarcity. If you look at the shared economy, that’s a perfect example. Technology freed up excess inventory to be [...]