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Why the incubator system is broken.

When we launched Shadow Labs almost two years ago, I didn’t want to call it an incubator. Instead, we called it a lab. We still call it Shadow Labs, but when people ask us what it is, we usually refer to it as an incubator. The reason for my original preference was this: all the […]

How former Yankee Mark Teixeira became the new voice for real estate placemaking

Mark Teixeira spent 14 years as a professional baseball player, including a season with the Atlanta Braves and nine with the New York Yankees. In that time, he won a World Series, became a three-time All-Star, won five Golden Glove Awards and three Silver Slugger Awards.  These days, he’s turned his eye to real estate, […]

HAVYN Brings ‘Drama Free’ Package Delivery

HAVYN smart lockers offer durability and a small footprint. Two years ago, Mike Myers was working as a freelance product designer out of an office building on Market Street in San Francisco. “It’s not a great part of town,” Mike said, and nearly every time he received a shipment notification, the package would be gone [...]

Embue Brings IoT to a Market Ripe for Disruption

Image via Embue Robert Cooper is a serial entrepreneur whose first startup, a spinout from Cornell University, was acquired for 24X. Let’s just say, he was hooked, and he’s been building companies ever since. His latest venture, Embue, is a member of Shadow’s CRE Lab and blends Cooper’s passion for sustainability and the built environment [...]

A Better Way to Rent with Rentivity

They say the first step to coming up with a solution is to deeply understand the problem. After decades in the real estate world, Mike Daniels was painfully familiar with the disjointed systems both residents and property managers navigate in order to accomplish simple tasks when trying to rent out a unit. What started as [...]

qlair Has One Mission: Cleaner Air

iqlair team at work. image source qlair is a Shadow Labs company focused on clean air management. Ellie Amirnasr founded qlair with two colleagues from MANN+HUMMELL, a global air filtration company. Because of their background, they knew what many of us don’t realize: Indoor air pollution can be up to five times higher than outside [...]

Your building is talking. Are you listening?

Your building is talking. Eric Hall asks, “Are you listening?” Eric is Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Site 1001, a smart building performance and operations platform that uses the Internet of Things and data from various sensors as well as the building’s original information (like construction documents) to solve simple and complex problems with [...]