The 5 Newest Shadow Labs Startups – 2021 Q3

The 5 Newest Shadow Labs Startups - 2021 Q3

The companies in our incubator range from idea stage through Series A, and all of them are tackling hard problems in construction and real estate tech with unique solutions. Today, our community is 60+ startups strong across more than 25 cities6 countries, and 3 continents. Our global advisory network helps our portfolio of startups build and scale their business by providing worldwide access to the resources startups need to grow and scale.

Now, after 200 applications and 80 interviews, these are the five AEC startups that made it. We’re excited to share them with you. logo


Edify replaces stodgy paper processes with engaging mobile apps and leverages the data to provide valuable insights and recommendations to leadership. Basically, they use AI and mobile apps to improve safety in construction.

In addition, Edify is hyper-focused on engaging front-line workers to help them be safe. They gather large amounts of data from every worker, every day. Then, they combine this data with AI to help workers practice safe behaviors and identify where risks lie. As a result, workers can stop incidents before they happen.

To date, they have raised US$565K from friends and family. Their top prospective customers are currently Turner, Whiting-Turner, Microsoft's data center construction, Amazon's data center construction, and Google's data center construction.

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ONTHEJOB.SITE is re-inventing pre-task planning to improve productivity and safety on job sites.

With, you can see where your crews are and what they're doing, so you can avoid costly location conflicts. Additionally, it enables crews to prepare for nearby hazards. Most importantly, their paperless system is easy to deploy, use, and maintain.

Their top prospective customers are currently DPR Construction, Level 10 Construction, Truebeck Construction, Hoffman Construction, and Turner Construction.

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Construyored is similar to Linkedin or Rigup, but it's specialized for the construction industry

They unite more than 185,000 construction members and provide specialized services for the sector. For example, education for the construction industry, requirement process tools, advertising, and more.

Construyored has worked with more than 150 corporate clients in total, including the most important construction suppliers in Colombia, Perú, and Guatemala. Moreover, Cemex Ventures included them in their Top 50 Contech Startups 2020.

To date, they have raised US$100K from angel investor Sumatec S.A (Largest MRO Company in Colombia) and US$200K pre-seed capital from Frater Investment Group LLC. Their top prospective customers are currently Bechtel Group, Inc., Fluor Corporation, Chicago  Bridge & Iron Company, Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc., and Kiewit Corporation.

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AECUSAluminium Skybluepng


Aecus Asia is a proptech startup offering an AI-driven, turnkey solution. As a result, facility managers, occupiers, and landlords are empowered to make smart maintenance decisions.

Aecus offers a suite of modular solutions that are targeted for specific outcomes, including energy conservation, predictive maintenance, smarter security management, and more. Whether it’s a 300-square-foot retail store or a 300-key hotel, Aecus understands how smart building solutions should be designed and deployed to ensure optimal performance.

To date, they have raised US$85K through self-funding. Their top prospective customers are currently Chevron, McDonald's, Yum! Brands, and Saudi Aramco.

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Digital Masterplanning is a cloud-based platform built to centralize, de-risk, and accelerate the real estate and infrastructure development process.

The real estate and infrastructure development process is mired with inefficient and ineffective software. Rather than working towards solutions, software creators have instead focused on maintaining market dominance by impeding cross-platform integration.

Who pays the price? Users, who are forced into cumbersome workflows to accommodate sub-optimal tools, do.

Above all, Digital Masterplanning believes in progress. They pursue radical disruptions defined by sustainability, equity, efficiency, and effectiveness. That is to say, they are here to transform the ways in which people plan, design, shape, and understand the built environment.

To date, they have raised US$300K through self-funding and $300k from friends and family. Their top prospective customers are currently BlackRock, Google, JBG SMITH, PGIM, and CalSTRS.

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