The Pitfalls of Angel Investing with Asher Leids (feat. Nick Durham) (Video)

Angel investing is a boom or bust field. Do you have what it takes to succeed, especially in today’s questionable economic climate? Learn insight and strategy from an accomplished angel investor! Join Asher Leids, successful angel investor, for a webinar via Zoom. A former attorney, Asher’s legal career was abruptly ended in 2001 when, while on his way home after […]

Why innovate the built environment? Why now?

K.P. explains BuiltTech and strategies to take advantage of the opportunity. K.P. Reddy is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in disruptive innovation. Built environment technology, also Known as BuiltTech, is the innovation through technology that provides the framework for the physical world around us. BuiltTech is what shapes the future of planning, design, construction, and management of […]

In Service Companies, There Is No Line Item for R&D

Originally posted on The Combine. Recently, Matt Gray, BuiltWorlds founder and co-chairman of Graycor, a 90-year-old, Chicago-area general contractor, interviewed The Combine Co-founder and Partner, K.P. Reddy. We captured the interview on video, which is important, because this interview is one of the very few times you’ll ever see K.P. Reddy in a collared shirt and a coat. Here’s the video. Notable Quotes from K.P. The […]