Startup Showcase: ICT Tracker (Video)

We all know the construction industry is behind the times when it comes to digital transformation—but ICT Tracker makes it easy to catch up! Innovative Construction Technology (ICT) is an augmented reality (AR) software company that delivers innovative and empowering solutions to efficiently streamline work processes and enable user-friendly technology in the construction industry. ICT Tracker is the first of […]

Startup Showcase: AeroShield (Video)

Energy efficiency is a key component of built tech – just how can innovation kickstart revolutionary tech in the AEC/CRE space? AeroShield manufactures a super-insulating, nanoporous form of glass for energy efficient windows. The AeroShield material can be placed between two panes of glass, similar to a traditional double-pane, to create a product that is 50% more insulating than traditional […]

Startup Showcase: Knock – Revolutionizing Rentals (Video)

The rental market doesn’t match today’s pace. Knock’s mission is to redesign the rental process, to create an enjoyable and efficient experience for renters by enhancing property managers and agents.By integrating with smart locks, Knock enables on-demand self-showings, and Knock’s app is currently used by prospects to buzz building entrances, unlock doors and tour apartments.Verified prospects tour by themselves, without […]

Maximizing Team Chemistry In a Work From Home World (Video)

We all wish our work teams could mesh like The Avengers. In the current economic climate, that may be a little far-fetched. Still – synergy is key when it comes to your small business/startup. Getting people working together is key – how can you facilitate teamwork in a work-from-home environment? What can you do to grow your team’s relations, chemistry […]

Startups – Here’s How You Protect Your Brand (Video)

If you’re a startup, growth is definitely on the mind. Is your brand prepared to sky-rocket? From copyrights, to patents, to other intelletcual property matters, you need to have it protected at all cost. Shielding your startup can lead you down the path to success. How do you grow and foster your IP? What common hiccups so young startups make […]

Startup Showcase: atHUM – AI Powered Interior Design (Video)

Ever wanted to see how your living room with look with a different couch? Bigger TV? A shock carpet? With atHUM, its possible. With the first, fully AI-powered interior design program, atHUM stages 3D spaces tailored to homebuyers tastes and needs. Virtual reality is the next big thing – and we’ll help you imagine your dream home, tailor spaces to […]

A3C Founder on the Future of Live Events (Video)

The COVID-19 pandemic is quietly shifting the future of live events as we know them. When social distancing ends, how will the parties, lunch & learns, corporate meetings, hackathons & more re-form? Changes will be made – but just how drastic will they be? Join Mike Walbert, Executive Director of A3C, as he shares his thoughts! Since 2009, Mike has […]