The Truth about IP and Patents (Video)

Intellectual Property can be a daunting topic for many up and coming startups to face. Is your innovative concept protected so you, and only you, can leverage the value you are bringing to customers? The more startup founders know about whether and to what extent patents and other forms of intellectual property will–and will not–help them capture the value created […]

Getting Through a Downturn as an Entrepreneur (Video)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve realized we’re in the midst of the worst economy in over a hundred years. We’ve recovered in the past – just how different will it be this time? Entrepreneurs everywhere are asking, what the heck am I going to do? Should you strap your business in annd weather the storm, soak in […]

Maximizing Team Chemistry In a Work From Home World (Video)

We all wish our work teams could mesh like The Avengers. In the current economic climate, that may be a little far-fetched. Still – synergy is key when it comes to your small business/startup. Getting people working together is key – how can you facilitate teamwork in a work-from-home environment? What can you do to grow your team’s relations, chemistry […]

Dancing With Elephants: How To Do Business With Incumbent Software Providers (Video)

From Autodesk, to Procore, Yardi, and RealPage; many startups don’t realize the plethora of software providers that can offer help to their growing business. First of all – why should you even care about these platforms? If you’re in the AEC/CRE startup industry, you NEED to be using these providers to your advantage. From 3D design, to enhanced creativity, streamlined […]

Startups – Here’s How You Protect Your Brand (Video)

If you’re a startup, growth is definitely on the mind. Is your brand prepared to sky-rocket? From copyrights, to patents, to other intelletcual property matters, you need to have it protected at all cost. Shielding your startup can lead you down the path to success. How do you grow and foster your IP? What common hiccups so young startups make […]