Startup Showcase: A Design + Consulting (Video)

AEC professionals/investors: you don’t want to miss this startup showcase. A Design + Consulting, AD+C, are the creators of FastPlan, a healthcare facility sizing tool. The tool uses epidemiology, evidence-based medicine and best practices to develop solutions quickly, that the user can discern which one best meets their needs. The power of computation allows the user to create a virtually […]

Digitally Transforming Microsoft’s Campus (Video)

Digitally Transforming a Campus delivering Great Experiences while Boosting Productivity – just what is Project Redmond? Microsoft is planning a massive investment at its headquarters in a project that will begin next fall and last up to seven years. The new project at the 500-acre campus will include 17 new buildings (replacing 14 others), an additional 6.7 million square feet […]

Startup Showcase: atHUM – AI Powered Interior Design (Video)

Ever wanted to see how your living room with look with a different couch? Bigger TV? A shock carpet? With atHUM, its possible. With the first, fully AI-powered interior design program, atHUM stages 3D spaces tailored to homebuyers tastes and needs. Virtual reality is the next big thing – and we’ll help you imagine your dream home, tailor spaces to […]

Startup Showcase: Bldbox – Instant Pricing Reimagined (Video)

Real Estate needs to be imagined from the ground up. How can AI help the built industry, specifically in tandem with estimating construction costs? “At Bldbox, we are introducing predictive analytics into real estate development and construction. Our application reduces communication and data management inefficiencies by allowing ‘Bldbox Data Partners’ to leverage their historical project data and produce high accuracy […]

Startup Showcase: Civdrone – Staking It Out with Drones (Video)

Come join via Zoom to learn about one of the newest members of the Shadow Labs community – Civdrone. Civdrone is a construction tech startup aiming to revolutionize land surveying. Thanks to their robotic mechanism, marking points has never been so fast, simple and reliable. Civdrone is using a custom-made staking mechanism controlled by autopilot algorithm and data management software. […]