Startup Showcase: Kreo Modular (Video)

While BIM technology has tremendous potential to transform the AEC industry, it has failed to deliver on its promise of improving productivity and reducing the risks associated with building projects. Designers and engineers still use virtual BIM objects that lack connections to the supply chain, resulting in delays during the construction phase and wasted materials. The solution: offsite manufacturing. This […]

Fireside Chat: How to Call the Shots in the Construction Market with Jit Kee Chin (Video)

Join Jit Kee Chin, Chief Data and Innovation Officer at Suffolk; for a fireside chat. At Suffolk, Jit is responsible for leveraging modern advances in data and technology to improve the organization’s core business. She is responsible for helping Suffolk achieve its vision of transforming the construction experience, and rethinking how we build in the digital age. Prior to Suffolk […]

Ask me Anything: How is Construction Tech Weathering the Storm? (with Matthew Abeles) (Video)

Join Matthew Abeles, VP of construction technology and innovation at ABC, for a virtual AMA via Zoom. Abeles, who has advised and raised capital for many construction technology companies, is a recognized leader in the field. In 2014, he co-founded BuiltWorlds, a media company and digital network for construction, real estate, finance and development leaders, which hosts global events and […]

Startup Showcase: Civdrone – Staking It Out with Drones (Video)

Come join via Zoom to learn about one of the newest members of the Shadow Labs community – Civdrone. Civdrone is a construction tech startup aiming to revolutionize land surveying. Thanks to their robotic mechanism, marking points has never been so fast, simple and reliable. Civdrone is using a custom-made staking mechanism controlled by autopilot algorithm and data management software. […]

In Service Companies, There Is No Line Item for R&D

Originally posted on The Combine. Recently, Matt Gray, BuiltWorlds founder and co-chairman of Graycor, a 90-year-old, Chicago-area general contractor, interviewed The Combine Co-founder and Partner, K.P. Reddy. We captured the interview on video, which is important, because this interview is one of the very few times you’ll ever see K.P. Reddy in a collared shirt and a coat. Here’s the video. Notable Quotes from K.P. The […]