Times – “They Are A Chang’in” – The Arch-Rep Relationship (Video)

Current disruptions in the economy due to COVID-19 have thrown the relationship between sales representatives, BPMs and architects into a loop. In the past, everything was smooth – but the crisis we’re going through has thrown any normality down the drain. As tech becomes more prominent in the construction industry following the economy’s eventual recovery, just how will the relationship […]

How COVID-19 is Permanently Changing Retail and Luxury Properties (Video)

For the past few years, a major pivot has been underway in the worlds of luxury and retail. As owners started to rethink what luxury means to high net worth consumers (and retail properties to the middle-class alike), the pandemic slam dunked over any immediate plans to action. After social distancing ends, just what will the demand be for projects, […]

Necessary Areas and Opportunities for Housing Innovation with Jennifer Castenson (Video)

Join Jennifer Castenson, the vice president of programming for Hanley Wood, for a virtual town hall, featuring a special guest! Innovation is one the key factors driving the housing market in today’s world. Just how can it still be utilized and proven effective given the current economic climate? At Hanley Wood, Jennifer provides leadership and collaboration across all verticals in […]

Startup Showcase: Bldbox – Instant Pricing Reimagined (Video)

Real Estate needs to be imagined from the ground up. How can AI help the built industry, specifically in tandem with estimating construction costs? “At Bldbox, we are introducing predictive analytics into real estate development and construction. Our application reduces communication and data management inefficiencies by allowing ‘Bldbox Data Partners’ to leverage their historical project data and produce high accuracy […]

Ask me Anything: How is Construction Tech Weathering the Storm? (with Matthew Abeles) (Video)

Join Matthew Abeles, VP of construction technology and innovation at ABC, for a virtual AMA via Zoom. Abeles, who has advised and raised capital for many construction technology companies, is a recognized leader in the field. In 2014, he co-founded BuiltWorlds, a media company and digital network for construction, real estate, finance and development leaders, which hosts global events and […]

How COVID is Hitting New York Real Estate with Craig Deitelzweig (Video)

Join Craig Deitelzweig, President and CEO of Merchants’ National Properties, for a virtual talk via Zoom. Craig oversees a portfolio of more than 5 million square feet of space across the US, including marquis properties such Cross County Shopping Center in Yonkers, NY (the first open air shopping center in the US), 10 Grand Central and 545 Madison Avenue in […]

Startup Showcase – Hilo: Delivering Tenant Experiences that Impress (Video)

This showcase features Hilo, via Zoom. The unprecedented times we are all facing have underscored the importance of community in everyone’s lives. Hilo was built to connect people and bring building communities together. As social distancing has become a necessary measure to help ‘flatten the curve’, we understand more than ever how important it is for building operators to communicate […]

The Jamestown Playbook: The Developer Behind Chelsea Market & Ghirardelli Square on Leveraging Tech To Manage A Crisis (Video)

Join Ginny Miller, the Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Jamestown Properties, for a virtual town hall via Zoom. Jamestown is a design-focused real estate investment and management company with a 35+ year track record and a clear mission: to transform spaces into innovation hubs and community centers. Ginny joined Jamestown last year after receiving her MBA from Harvard […]