Startup Showcase: Local Logic (Video)

Local Logic logo

Residential and multifamily developers/investors: this startup showcase is for you.

Local Logic is a real estate AI company that matches people to places. We use geo-spatial and user-generated data to quantify lifestyle and location qualities for any address in the US and Canada.

Our products are built on a data network and help make real estate decisions at an individual and professional level. We sell our software to large real estate platforms and websites and gain insights from our product’s usage from over 4M consumers per month. This access to data allows us to build predictive models for consumers, real estate investors, and developers, saving them time, optimizing their investments, and enabling them to uncover hidden investment opportunities.

Our access to both unique consumer behavior data & precise location insights give us an unfair advantage when analyzing the real estate market and will allow us to power the industry’s shift to a quantitative investment approach.

Join Local Logic CEO Vincent-Charles Hodder for a product pitch, with VP of Growth Pierre Calzadilla joining for Q&A.

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