Startup Showcase: ICT Tracker (Video)

We all know the construction industry is behind the times when it comes to digital transformation—but ICT Tracker makes it easy to catch up!

Innovative Construction Technology (ICT) is an augmented reality (AR) software company that delivers innovative and empowering solutions to efficiently streamline work processes and enable user-friendly technology in the construction industry.

ICT Tracker is the first of the innovations using augmented reality that ICT has launched with great success to companies around the world. The construction industry is entering the mobile revolution that invites apps to become an accepted means for day-to-day workflows and project management. ICT is leading the march in construction as it works towards finding digital solutions that will increase productivity, save time, and make difficult-to-manage projects a thing of the past.

Startup Showcase: ICT Tracker from Shadow Ventures on Vimeo.

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