Startup Showcase: A Design + Consulting (Video)

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AEC professionals/investors: you don’t want to miss this startup showcase.

A Design + Consulting, AD+C, are the creators of FastPlan, a healthcare facility sizing tool. The tool uses epidemiology, evidence-based medicine and best practices to develop solutions quickly, that the user can discern which one best meets their needs. The power of computation allows the user to create a virtually limitless number of scenarios in a short period of time. The scenarios can take into account how the population can change over time, how services can be added or removed, and how patient care protocols can be tweaked. FastPlan allows the user a broad perspective to the many views a healthcare decision-maker needs to consider.

The session will show how the tool works and how the technology helped save significant amounts of project costs and time on A Design+Consulting projects of 12 million SF globally. Fastplan is configured to optimize healthcare and can be used for any programmatically driven building type.

Startup Showcase: A Design + Consulting from Shadow Ventures on Vimeo.

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