On Proselytizing In The Built Environment

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We’ve been on the road (and in the wild via press coverage) extensively in 2023 proselytizing technology in the built environment.

This week, we’re in Vegas at Blueprint and next week, in Chicago for BuiltWorlds’ Americas Summit and NYC for CRETech.

Time is expensive. With so much time and travel devoted to events, it’s worth reflecting on the question: is it worth it?

I know my answer but I was curious to hear the crowd’s sentiment so I surveyed a dozen people or so yesterday and the variance of responses was quite hilarious.

  • “It’s hard to say. I’m here only because a close friend asked me to be on a panel. So if it helps deepen that relationship, then sure it’s worth it."
  • “I only attend events where I’m a speaker to make the ROI work.”
  • “There is no replacement for in-person meets. It’s important to be seen.”
  • I’m just throwing things at the wall, man…No idea”

Here’s my answer: Much like the investments we write checks for, VCs must look for scale with our time. With dozens of portfolio companies to support (and hundreds more to source), we are pulled in endless directions and inevitably, into lots of non-scalable daily activities.

Industry-focused events and other forms of media represent truly scaled marketing. They are the ultimate “Shelling Point” for founders, investors, and early adopters interested in whatever niche you’re focused on.

If the right approach to marketing is a hedge fund of strategies, then events should be in your mix.

Lastly, in the built environment, relationships have always seemed to matter more than other industries. Maybe it’s inherent because of the physicality of what we’re doing. That is, building beautiful structures as a collective that can last centuries.

In the spirit of scaled marketing, I’m including some links below from press / podcasts where Shadow has been featured this year. If you’ve been reading the Shadow Letter consistently, you’ll likely enjoy (and recognize) some of our commentary.


  • Austin Business Journal: KP Reddy interviewed about Austin real estate and Shadow’s Austin based portfolio companies
  • Tech Startups: KP comments on raising money in a down economy.
  • Modern Contractor Solutions: Shadow featured in an article titled “Construction Robotics: A novel toy or innovation breakthrough?”
  • Retrofit Magazine: Shadow featured in an article titled “The Modern Retrofit Tech Stack”.
  • Atlanta Business Chronicle: Shadow featured in an article titled “Difficult real estate environment presents innovation opportunities”
  • Louisville Business First: Nick Durham interviewed about Shadow’s presence in KY and broader growth initiatives.

Industry Keynotes / Podcasts

See you on the road.


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