Innovation Ecosystems and what we can all learn from Estonia.

In a couple of months I will be giving a talk in Estonia on Startups, Ecosystems and Innovation. 1500+ people are coming to a city that very few can find on a map. How have they consistently pullled this off? Focus focus focus. The entire ecosystem has made startups and innovation a priority.I get asked all the time by economic development professionals, "how can we be more like the Valley?" First, it doesn't happen overnight and second, it has to be your focus and woven into the fabric of your community. How can you be an innovation hub when you still have to wait in a line at the DMV?Latitude 59 is the flagship startup & tech event of the world’s first digital society. In it’s 10th year, Latitude59 has developed into a great platform for innovators and startup entrepreneurs to meet investors and potential partners. The boutique event attracts around 1500 participants spanning from Finland to Ukraine, and investors from across the globe. Join us again in Tallinn, e-Estonia, for Latitude59 on May 25 - 26, 2017.Link to Learn More

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