Indoor Environmental Control Post-COVID (Video)

Photo of Ellie Amirnasr

COVID-19 sent the masses back to the comfort of their homes to keep the daily grind going. As time goes on, eventually we’ll find ourselves back in cubicles, co-working spaces and offices just like the good old days. If you’re a building owner/developer, you must ask yourself: What can I do to keep any potential spread/contamination from happening right now? Indoor air quality is an issue that HAS to be tackled prior to workplace reopening. Join Ellie Amirnasr, CEO of qlair—a startup helping facility management professionals be more efficient in their building operations and indoor environmental control—as she discusses the keys to a safe and habitable workplace that lunch and learns & coffee breaks can get back to happening in.

Indoor Environmental Control Post-COVID from Shadow Ventures on Vimeo.

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