How to Get Your Startup to Silicon Valley (Like Mine) (Video)

A popular investment by Silicon Valley VCs, Klickly has quickly become one of the most successful startups of the last few years. How’d it get there? Hear the full story from the founder & CEO Cooper Harris, as well as strategies and tips to boost your own towards stardom! Don’t end up like 90% of startups that fail – the keys to success are simple.

Join via Zoom as she discusses!

Cooper Harris is a California-based entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Klickly, a data-driven impulse-payments platform that powers headless commerce. Emerging as a pivotal figure in the west coast tech scene, Cooper has been nominated for Google’s “Young Innovator” award, L’Oreal’s “Digital Woman of the Year,” won InformationAge’s Women in I.T. “Entrepreneur of the Year” and named by Adobe as a “Top Thought-Leader” at Cannes. Cooper is a favorite speaker at international summits including CES, Cannes Lions, Shoptalk, SXSW, Sundance, Los Angeles TechWeek, London Tech Conference, and more, speaking on advances in eComm / Retail Tech / FinTech, fostering women in STEM, and disrupting the status quo using technology/innovation.

She’ll by joined by Shadow Ventures CEO K.P. Reddy to provide insight.

How to Get Your Startup to Silicon Valley (Like Mine) from Shadow Ventures on Vimeo.

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