Startup Showcase: Kreo Modular (Video)

While BIM technology has tremendous potential to transform the AEC industry, it has failed to deliver on its promise of improving productivity and reducing the risks associated with building projects. Designers and engineers still use virtual BIM objects that lack connections to the supply chain, resulting in delays during the construction phase and wasted materials. The solution: offsite manufacturing. This […]

Startup Showcase: Local Logic (Video)

Residential and multifamily developers/investors: this startup showcase is for you. Local Logic is a real estate AI company that matches people to places. We use geo-spatial and user-generated data to quantify lifestyle and location qualities for any address in the US and Canada. Our products are built on a data network and help make real estate decisions at an individual […]

Startup Showcase: Module (Video)

A construction labor shortage, a housing supply shortage, and an affordability crisis make housing development increasingly difficult. Developers and contractors are struggling to bring new housing online fast enough to keep pace with new residents while also trying to keep development costs down. Module’s turnkey platform streamlines the housing development process. The result is a higher quality housing product, faster […]

Startup Showcase: A Design + Consulting (Video)

AEC professionals/investors: you don’t want to miss this startup showcase. A Design + Consulting, AD+C, are the creators of FastPlan, a healthcare facility sizing tool. The tool uses epidemiology, evidence-based medicine and best practices to develop solutions quickly, that the user can discern which one best meets their needs. The power of computation allows the user to create a virtually […]

Startup Showcase: B-Line

The key to avoiding the outbreak of an infectious disease in a workplace is to break the chain of transmission. B-Line helps building owners prevent the spread of infectious disease in the workplace by collecting highly accurate location data that identifies possible chains of transmission. B-Line’s data enables building owners to assess the risk of their portfolio and make data-driven […]

Startup Showcase: Zerv (Video)

Mobile access has been around for years. However, the overwhelming majority of access badges and readers cannot communicate with your smartphone. Instead of costly and timely updates, use Zerv’s solution to bridge the gap, and reap the benefits of mobile access. Zerv’s technology is a seamless and scalable solution for mobile access in real estate, parking, logistics and transportation. Tokened […]

Startup Showcase: ICT Tracker (Video)

We all know the construction industry is behind the times when it comes to digital transformation—but ICT Tracker makes it easy to catch up! Innovative Construction Technology (ICT) is an augmented reality (AR) software company that delivers innovative and empowering solutions to efficiently streamline work processes and enable user-friendly technology in the construction industry. ICT Tracker is the first of […]

Startup Showcase: AeroShield (Video)

Energy efficiency is a key component of built tech – just how can innovation kickstart revolutionary tech in the AEC/CRE space? AeroShield manufactures a super-insulating, nanoporous form of glass for energy efficient windows. The AeroShield material can be placed between two panes of glass, similar to a traditional double-pane, to create a product that is 50% more insulating than traditional […]

Startup Showcase: Green Badger (Video)

Everyone knows the construction industry is headed towards another revolution, thanks to technology. How can the green construction process be effectively streamlined and automated? Green Badger is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company providing easy to use, collaborative, cloud-based solutions to streamline and automate the $70 billion green building construction market. Founded by Tommy Linstroth (LEED Fellow), a leading […]

Startup Showcase: Knock – Revolutionizing Rentals (Video)

The rental market doesn’t match today’s pace. Knock’s mission is to redesign the rental process, to create an enjoyable and efficient experience for renters by enhancing property managers and agents.By integrating with smart locks, Knock enables on-demand self-showings, and Knock’s app is currently used by prospects to buzz building entrances, unlock doors and tour apartments.Verified prospects tour by themselves, without […]

Startup Showcase: atHUM – AI Powered Interior Design (Video)

Ever wanted to see how your living room with look with a different couch? Bigger TV? A shock carpet? With atHUM, its possible. With the first, fully AI-powered interior design program, atHUM stages 3D spaces tailored to homebuyers tastes and needs. Virtual reality is the next big thing – and we’ll help you imagine your dream home, tailor spaces to […]

Startup Showcase: Bldbox – Instant Pricing Reimagined (Video)

Real Estate needs to be imagined from the ground up. How can AI help the built industry, specifically in tandem with estimating construction costs? “At Bldbox, we are introducing predictive analytics into real estate development and construction. Our application reduces communication and data management inefficiencies by allowing ‘Bldbox Data Partners’ to leverage their historical project data and produce high accuracy […]

Startup Showcase: Civdrone – Staking It Out with Drones (Video)

Come join via Zoom to learn about one of the newest members of the Shadow Labs community – Civdrone. Civdrone is a construction tech startup aiming to revolutionize land surveying. Thanks to their robotic mechanism, marking points has never been so fast, simple and reliable. Civdrone is using a custom-made staking mechanism controlled by autopilot algorithm and data management software. […]

Startup Showcase – Hilo: Delivering Tenant Experiences that Impress (Video)

This showcase features Hilo, via Zoom. The unprecedented times we are all facing have underscored the importance of community in everyone’s lives. Hilo was built to connect people and bring building communities together. As social distancing has become a necessary measure to help ‘flatten the curve’, we understand more than ever how important it is for building operators to communicate […]

Startup Showcase: Managing Inspections & Assets Like a Boss with InfoTycoon (Video)

Join InfoTycoon – one of the key entities in our portfolio – for a startup showcase via Zoom. Led by COO Maanav Mahindru, they’ll delve into the full suite of inspection and asset management solutions that they offer. InfoTycoon is the industry’s #1 inspections and asset management platform. Created specifically for multifamily owners, managers, and developers, our platform features five […]