A Letter From our Founder: Shadow Summit 2020

The planet is dying, and we are the reason why. If left unchecked, the current pace of nature’s decline will have grave implications for the human race. We stand to face increasing natural disasters, loss of biodiversity, and threats to public health. Waste is the largest contributing factor to this problem. And the built environment is one of the top […]

The Secret Behind Crisis Leadership with David Nour (Video)

Join David Nour, CEO of the Nour Group, for a virtual talk via Zoom! If you’ve ever tackled a key challenge or an opportunity, only to find out half-way there that there is no one following you, you understand that crisis leadership is all about relationships. From a foundation of trust to clarity of the message, and the authenticity of […]

First-Time Downturn Leadership: How to Lead Through Vulnerability During A Crisis (Video)

Join Sara Buxton, owner and co-director of the Chicago Center for Behavioral Medicine & Sport Psychology (CBM); and Nick Durham, senior associate here at Shadow Ventures; for a fireside talk via Zoom. At the CBM, Sara and her team strive to guide individuals, groups, and teams to reach their personal bests – physically, mentally and emotionally. CBM believes in the […]

Coffee Chat: How Leaders Lead in Tough Times with Scott Henderson (Video)

Are you mentally and emotionally prepared to lead your company through the great disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic? Learn a proven framework for how you can overcome setbacks, leverage opportunities, and keep yourself fresh. Join Scott Henderson, Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach; community cultivator and world-class connector for a virtual coffee chat via Zoom. Come hear his advice on when it comes to feeding […]

Anitha Vadavatha & K.P. Reddy on COVID-19 (Video)

Join our Founder, K.P. Reddy, and global strategist and entrepreneur, Anitha Vadavatha for a spirited discussion on the implications of the current COVID-19 crisis. Learn what your next best steps could be as a startup founder, corporate innovator, or investor from two people who had been there. Disruptors Only: Anitha Vadavatha & K.P. Reddy from Shadow Ventures on Vimeo.

A Contrarian look at Business Access to Capital (Video)

Join Lara Hodgson, the president, CEO, and co-founder of NOW Corp. Lara’s payments company, headquartered in Atlanta, GA is redefining how businesses get paid. Their mission is to create “A World without AR” for all businesses that sell to other businesses and governments. Come listen to her discuss AR, the current climate surrounding COVID-19, and more! Disruptors Only: Lara Hodgson […]

AMA: Corporate R&D Tax Credits with Adam Quattlebaum of DHG

At Shadow Ventures, we’ve built a community of tech-focused industry professionals who refuse to accept the status quo. In our community Slack channel, we frequently host Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions on issues that pertain to our ecosystem. Recently, we had the pleasure of talking to Adam Quattlebaum of DHG. Here’s what Adam told us. BACKGROUND: Presenter: Our Speaker Adam […]

Corporates Can’t Do Innovation… Or Can They? (Video)

Join Carrie Moore, Experience Design Lead at Delta Air Lines’ The Hangar; Will Thorburn, Director of Cleantech Strategy and Investments at Cox Enterprises; and Woody Faulk, Vice President of Innovation & New Ventures at Chick-fil-A as they discuss what innovation means internally for their corporations and how they collaborate with different external innovation groups. How can you gain the trust […]

Malls are Dead; Now What? (Video)

Adia Dightman, Co-founder of FLR-PLN, Gregg Katz, Chief Strategy Officer of The Shopping Center Group, and Stephen Buko, CEO and Co-founder of Kerb sat with Shadow Ventures’ Kayla Merritt to explain how malls must innovate to survive the coming decade. It’s not simply about tech innovation, it’s about shifting from malls as a shopping destination to malls as centers of […]

Inside the Mind of an Economic Developer (Video)

Brian McGowan, CEO of Greater Seattle Partners and Soon Mee Kim of Porter Novelli sat down for a fireside chat diving into the mind of an Economic Developer. They discuss how place-making, growth, and diversity make or break a company. The Economic Development industry is full of smooth-talking, impulsive, and emphatic people who understand that a job can change people’s […]

Right-sizing Corporate Innovation

Since the late 90’s, I have been engaged with corporations consulting on their corporate innovation strategy. For some corporations (3M, BASF, Cisco, Google, etc) innovation is clearly a core competency. For others, it is not. In tough economic times, I’d see corporations essentially “throw the baby out with the bath water.” They shut down all of their focused innovation activities […]

No One is In Charge, Now What? (Video)

When no one can be in charge, what does that mean for us as individuals, as private entities, and as cities? The present and the future belong to those who are thinking decentralization first, not as an outcome. Those who are thinking automation first, not as an outcome. Speaker Anitha Vadavatha (exponential technologies advisor, founder of d.Cent Labs, and an ExO Works consultant) […]

Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan (Video)

Technology knows no boundaries, and the opportunities for growth are limitless. Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan tells us a little bit about his background and gives us insight into his vision around Georgia and the tech community. His goal is to create an ecosystem of talent where folks come to Georgia to stay. Strides are being made in fintech, health IT, […]

How We Built A Remote Team & Virtual Incubator

Due to COVID-19, antiquated companies, industries, academic institutions, and governments have been forced into a corner: go full virtual or shut down operations. I have been building startups and investing in tech since 1997. I have seen a lot, but I have never seen this.  I’m writing because over the past three years at my firm, Shadow Ventures, we have […]

Enough money can solve any problem, including saving the planet.

Money can solve a lot of problems. Maybe not ANY problem, but it can solve a LOT of problems. In many ways, I am a gatekeeper between people who want to solve problems and people who want to invest in having these problems solved. Our startups are passionate about solving major built environment challenges to save the planet. Our investors […]

So Immature: A Digital Transformation Maturity Model

Last week I was in NYC and had an amazing meeting with Anand Sanwal, CEO of CB Insights. If you’ve never heard of CB Insights, you should definitely check them out. They are a next-gen industry analyst that has built software that tracks startup data and sells this data (alongside research and workflow tools) to large corporations that are looking […]

Innovation has been killing the planet.

The planet is on fire. Literally. Australia is in the middle of a particularly devastating bushfire season. I’m not here to debate climate change or how bad it is or isn’t; what I want to focus on is waste. If we don’t consume it in the first place, then we don’t have to worry about its impact on the planet. […]

Thornton Tomasetti President Asks, “Innovation: Theatre or Action?”

This post is written by Ray Daddazio, President of Thornton Tomasetti, from his notes that he took down during a lecture in January of this year. The event was sponsored jointly by Columbia University’s Business School in conjunction with Columbia Entrepreneurship, and was hosted by Chris McGarry, Director for Entrepreneurship in the University Office of Alumni and Development. Rita McGrath, a professor of management at the […]