Bad at School, Good at Learning.

I must admit that I was not the best student in school. It was very disinteresting and seemed more about paying my dues. Georgia Tech was truly about “getting out”. Surprisingly, I found myself being the best student when I started my first company. I was so afraid of having the wrong answer, I went home everyday with homework. In one meeting, some investors joked about how so many entrepreneurs didn’t know the difference between a Profit and Loss Statement and a Balance Sheet. I laughed right along with them. On the way home, I stopped at a bookstore bought an accounting book and stayed up all night reading it. The next day, I met with my accountant and peppered her with questions. She asked me if I was trying to fire her and do my own accounting. This fear of “being caught” drove a lot of learning on my part.There is no such thing as "stupid" questions, but there are uninformed questions. Tap into your ego and work hard to have answers.Fast forward… THE INTERNET… Information at our fingertips, we just have to use it. Beyond the 7 tip buzzfeed articles, dig into the details and really learn the details. Work with your service professionals to have them explain “why” they do things a certain way. Set goals to learn new things everyday.

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